Saturday, July 7, 2007

Roasting satan like a marshmallow.

Were loading up the camper. Last year we discovered Aloha State Campground in Cheyboygan so we are heading back there. We leave after church on Sunday. I secured a site on the water by the boat basin, almost the same site as last year. A site on the water at Aloha is as close to heaven as I have been. I had remarked to Mike last year that I thought that I this is what heaven would be like except we would be camped next to the Dickersons, the Krols and all of our God Loving friends. Until then God just hands us opportunities to lead others to him. Last year just after we settled in the family that would be camping next to us pulled in. They had a sparkling new 29ft. 5th wheel trailer. It was loaded with all the extras, a couple of slide outs & pulled by a pristine new Ford truck. After they pulled in and started setting up we struck up a conversation with them and learned that they had come directly from another campground where a storm had blown in and detached a bracket that held their awning from the camper. Not a good thing but certainly not a vacation breaker in my mind. We almost had our camper totaled by our insurance company the year before from a similar experience that created a whole lot more damage so sure having to replace a bracket isn't great, making do without an awning is a bit of a pain but like I said it isn't a vacation breaker. Unfortunately these folks didn't see it this way and decided that this would be the theme for the week.
Not biblically based but my feelings are God reveals things to each of us in a way that we can relate and are comfortable with in most cases. So if God wants to reveal things to me he uses my weird sense of humor to make the point. Imagine my reaction when "Ursula the Sea Witch" from Disney's Little Mermaid kept appearing in the doorway of their camper spewing venom out at the kids as her tenacles were sprawling and reaching out then they would recoil back in the door just in time for it to slam with a loud smack. I was a bit put off but my heart ached for her kids that obviously had not been introduced to our Savior. But God is so awesome and put them next to us and they were drawn to the light. The kids, one boy, one girl, were close in age to JoJo. I didn't realize we were making an impact on them until they came back from the campground store with cross necklaces from the gumball machine. Which I was even more impressed with when I visited the store and saw that out of the ten gumball machines offering a variety of tempting treats they chose to put their quarters in the one machine that was filled with cross necklaces. These kids knew there was something different about us, wanted it but weren't so sure how to get it. Obviously they were raised thinking that you could use cash to buy whatever it is that they wanted to make them "happy". This became crystal clear to me when Mike and Jo had gone somewhere and I was sitting at the picnic table painting and listening to a Bill Johnson cd. The little girl came over and sat with me for a little while, I could tell she was trying to figure something out when she blew me over by asking me if I was rich? My mind raced as I thought, "what is she asking?, why would she think I was rich when she can see my camper sitting right next to hers (We have a nice camper but it's not new and it's pretty basic)? Then God gave me the "V-8" smack on the forehead and said,"Hey dummy, You are rich in your faith". God opened the door for me to witness to this child. I planted a seed. I think about these kids all the time and take a moment to pray for them. We are headed back to the same campground about the same time and I'm curious as to whether God will let me see if my seed has sprouted or whether he'll give me some fresh tilled ground to plant another seed.