Wednesday, September 24, 2008

F * I * V * E !!!!

FIVE, yeah 5! I am now officially a 5 year breast cancer survivor according to my onocologist, Dr. Philip at Karmanos. I will now be able to have my appointments at the clinic instead of going to Dr. Philip. God, is truly amazing. Five years ago the the prognosis did not seem so bright. Stage 2-B, aggressive, hormone negative, malignant, over-sized walnut tumor. A 9 out of 9 Scarff-Richardson score. Basically a diagnosis of "looks like you're screwed because we don't have a clue how or why you got this tumor in a 8 month time frame". But God had a different idea. He said, "I'm not done with you yet", "I've got more for you". And prayers were answered. Every night I could feel the tingle of healing blessings falling down on me. Like when you hold a sparkler in your hand and the sparks land on your wrist. Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, Some days it feels like yesterday. I am so grateful for these years, for the grace God has given me, and for all the prayers that were said and answered in my name.