Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Glorious Day - He has risen!

No Easter drama this year. It has been a strange winter and spring without the chaos of being the costume nazi. Some days I missed it and others I rejoiced. I'm sure God knew what he was doing when it put it on the hearts of leadership to take a different direction this year. But to tell you the truth we weren't so sure what to do with ourselves on Sunday. After church we fumbled through with our friends the Scotts who are usually in the middle of the whirlwind on Easter and celebrated with a cookout of the biggest chicken breasts I've ever seen. Scary to think of the amount of steroids that must have been pumped in to these feathered friends. Anyway, back to Easter... We had a little egg hunt with the Scotts and the Taylors then feasted. It was pretty uneventful but refreshing. Much different I would guess from the day when Jesus rose from the grave. I look around my neighborhood and wonder if my neighbors are truly aware of the sacrifice God made for us or is it all about bunnies and eggs for them. What a sad trade off that is.