Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another resurrection?

O.k. I admit my blogging posts have gone down the toilet but hey at least I'm actually making an effort to get back into it, right? I have to keep all two of my readers happy, right? So I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the last 10 months. I'll just pretend they didn't happen. Not that they were horrible or anything. I'm just too lazy to turn on that part of my brain. So moving forward...
We are enjoying a visit from Brooke, who now resides in Williamsburg, VA and is the Production Supervisor of Themeing. In order to keep her status as a seasonal employee she needs to take two 28 day leaves during her 1 year contract. So April is the first and December will be the second. We are loving having her home and I know I will certainly shed some tears when it's time for her to go again.
The big girls went to a movie last night leaving Dad and Naomi home to spend some quality time together. We saw "Date Night". I'm pretty sure I'll have to see it again when in comes out in video. I didn't have great expectations of it but was pleasantly surprised by the humor in it. Mike would definitely like it.
We plan on hitting the zoo next Tuesday as long as the forecast stays the same and a trip to Ikea is on the agenda during Brooke's visit too.
I found a website I intend to start using to aid me in breaking poor eating habits. It's called It has free programs for all kinds of destructive habits including drinking, self injury & sexual impurity. The program I'm using is called Lord's Table. I just started last night so we'll see how that goes.
Mike is revving up for softball season. He is coaching a team for the Freedom Center with his partner in crime, Kenny. They are in fact, at try-outs at this very moment. He was fretting that they may not have enough guys show up because of the weather and lack of information about it. He has been working diligently on his man cave for the past month and came upstairs fuming yesterday because a cat left a turd on his drywall. Yes, A turd, one little ol' turd. Funny how they target him for their dirty deeds.
I'm enjoying a little down time from events with the radio network. May looks like it's going to be busy so I better enjoy it while I can. Then when June comes its full steam ahead to The Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, our biggest event of the year.
We are also hoping to get a visit to Brooke in during June before Jo heads to Alabama to her "summer home" with Nana & Papa.
June will be here before we know it but it's hard to believe it when I'm sitting here with frosty toes and a sweatshirt on.