Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Naomi's Easter Bonnet

Why is it that my little asian hillbilly will only wear ridiculous hats? I've got a half dozen super cute hats that she won't have anything to do with. Naomi has become quite the Elmo fan and would watch Elmo in Grouchland all day if she could figure out how to run the dvd player. I wonder if they have Elmo in China. She has also turned into a pretty good mimic so we have to watch what we say these days. The other day Jo said "Holy Crap!" and we heard a little unexpressive echo across the room.

Jo is on spring break this week. We don't have any big plans but she is attending a birthday/bowling/sleepover with her friend Madasen Taylor and has plans for a couple of other sleepovers before the week is over. It's strange not to be elbow deep in the Easter drama this year (we didn't have it this year) but actually refreshing. I've been getting some things done that needed to be done. De-junking and donating it to the church garage sale. Aahhhh! Jo even dug into her closet and sorted out the clothes that don't fit anymore.

Brooke is in the midst of her final days of college with plenty of papers to write, exams to study for and portfolios to submit. Her graduation ceremony is the first week of May and we are looking forward to seeing this day. She just moved again, yes again, this time to a house with only two other roomies. She celebrated her 24th birthday last week and I was asked if Naomi was my granddaughter...how's that for feeling old!

My grandma (she's 71), Mamaw McCormick, fell and broke her hip on Friday. She had to have surgery on Saturday. I went to see her Sunday morning and she was still doped up on pain meds and thought she was participating in a game show. She thought the nurse call button was the buzzer and she would push it and then the nurses would ask a question. An intern came in and asked her more questions, ex: do you know what day it is..., which she answered wrong most of time. She was actually pretty amusing. She kept telling me that Hurley lost, I'm guessing that had something to do with the game show theme bouncing around in her head.

Sunday night we took Grandma Judy to the Pistons game against the Bobcats. We got tickets for an awesome price through the Upward Basketball program. Jo got to shoot a basket after the game.

We are looking forward to the Worship Blast at the church on Friday with some of my favorite bands including Benjamin Scott, Michael Maher and My Syndicate. The following Friday we'll be at the Rock and Worship Roadshow in Lansing with MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North. With all this busy-ness I am really glad I got some of that spring cleaning done. Now if we could just get the spring weather back again I would be real happy.

Mike is on 2nd shift until the end of this week and then he is off next week because he is required to use some of his vacation time in the first quarter. I'm sure he'll spend most of it working on the man cave. But I plan on getting my honey-do list whittled down a bit too.

We have our first of two required follow-up sessions with the social worker for our adoption on Monday. It seems so silly. She is really starting to warm up to other people and has actually stayed in the nursery at church during the entire service for the last 3 weeks. Hallelujah! Now if I could just get those naps under control...

I pray that all of you will have a blessed Easter holiday.