Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brenda Hamp 12/23/48 - 9/26/08

Tightrope walker,
Peace maker,
Morale booster,
Salon receptionist.
These are just a few titles you could label Brenda Hamp with. During her eulogy she was immoralized with a repetative description of someone who gave with all her heart. Now everyone who knew her will have a piece of her heart with them. Her physical heart could not withstand the rare disease that took it over but Satan cannot take away the memories we have of this wonderful woman, nor can Satan say that he won in any respect because she is dancing with her Savior. The physical pain she had no longer exists. She is free to dance and laugh. I imagine her beautiful blue eyes are sparkling and her face is beaming with her welcoming smile. She is home. We will miss you Brenda! See ya soon.

Flashlight tag to funeral

Another emotional roller coaster week. We spent the weekend camping in Port Huron with friends and celebrating (belated) Jo-Jo's birthday. They had a blast doing what kids do...flashlight tag, hitting the arcade, riding bikes...I made up a scavenger hunt for them, they performed a dance to a mamma mia song for us. We hit a cider mill down the road for donuts and cider on Sunday morning and the girls topped off the trip an adult-free visit to the pizza parlor on the campground. The weather was a little brisk but very pleasant. Naomi loved the donuts and fresh air as much as I did. We made it home in time to catch the evening service at church. Monday night was the Women's ministry service at church. Jo-Jo was gracious enough to go in the nursery with Naomi so I could attend. Naomi still isn't too keen on going to strangers and I'm not going to push her until she's ready. Who knows what must go on in that little mind when all the familiar faces disappear. It was an awesome service and God really did some work on me.
Brooke came home on Tuesday. Unfortunately it wasn't the happiest of occasions as we had to go to the funeral of a former co-worker. Which I will post a separate blog about. It was nice to see everyone from C.C. & Co. Salon again, the eulogy was beautiful and the dinner after the funeral was very nice. I'm feeling pretty somber at the moment and hoping a good nights sleep will pull me out of this funk.