Friday, December 19, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

Wish I could say I was in the holiday but spirit but anyone that knows me, knows that I spent too many years in retail to actually enjoy Christmas. After a week hiatus from the internet, thinking that it was my computer, I discovered it was actually my internet service. I'm so glad it wasn't my puter! I think I have all my shopping done. I really don't have any holiday pressures but....sigh, I'm already over it. I'll be honest, you probably won't like me after I mention this but I'm just going to puke it up and get it out there for everybody to see. So here it is:
I get an email from a local business that is looking for help for providing a Christmas for a "needy" family. So here's part of their list - an ipod, make-up, a Wii, one of those fur-real ponies ($200)... does anyone else see the lack of "a need" here besides me? My hubby has a family that they all pitched in money at work to get gifts for, granted they sound like a nice family but I didn't see one pair of undies or a winter coat anywhere on the list. A game system, yep, a leap frog system, yep, a football, basketball, yep, yep...A back pack for school, nope, any books, nope, sweater, nope, you get the picture. Please someone explain to me what any of this has to do with Christmas? I admit, I'm sucked into it too. I had to buy presents, because what kind of parent would I be if I didn't?
Wow, I think I just figured out why I can't get into the holiday spirit. I feel cheated, shanghi-ed, and even bullied into participating in this retail buying frenzy. How could I actually feeling good about this or what has become of the human race? Oh, but shouldn't I feel good about giving the presents... sure, and I do. But I don't feel good about feeling pressured to do so or how our society thinks that people who don't get gifts are under-privileged. If they were, would they be asking for game systems and ipods? So once again, another year later, I dream of a warm tropical island that doesn't participate in this ridiculous tradition. One where I can lay out a blanket in the sand, crack open my bible and have a moment with my Creator. Now that would be Christmas!