Monday, November 17, 2008

Dedication to Our Lord

Sunday was baby dedication day at church. We are so happy that this day has come. Of course it couldn't go without some kind of strange occurance. It just so happened that during that 10-15 minute span I felt a vibration from the phone I was babysitting for my friend Rachael in the choir because her sister was coming in from out of town and wasn't sure she knew the way. Knowing that she was probably in need of directions I tried to decreitly get Rachael's attention on the stage behind me so she could get the phone. Her husband, Pastor Ben, playing the keyboard, indicated I should try to slide it over to him... that didn't work out so well so JD, another band member, had to sneak over and pick up off the stage and give it to Rach. I'm not sure if Pastor Jim was completely oblivious to this drama as he prayed or just extremely patient. He knows me by now and probably expects such things. Either way I'm grateful for his kindness.