Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Snob Hill Gang

Nancy Draves Mandy LaFreniere
Laura Nelson Laura Faricy
Holly Draves Bill Nelson
Beth Draves Ben Brandt
Arthur Brandt
Naomi has decided to take the terrible twos for a trial run. Not that she could ever be Terrible but she just hasn't been her normal cheery self this past week. Her schedule has been completely out of whack, she's thinking naps are optional, the grunting and whining has been perpetual and just when I could really use a break from her for a bit, she has decided to freak out if I walk out of the room. So pray for patience for us. She is obviously going through "something" in her mind so we must just reassure her that we will be here for her.
Mike and Jo have been busy with Upward basketball, I've been busy making Valentine cards for the Women's Ministry Love Sale this Sunday and Brooke has been busy with school, exams and work but still making time to visit us (rather Naomi) once in awhile. I had fun discovering a bunch of my old neighbors from "Snob Hill" on facebook and touching base with them. It amazes me how the internet has changed things. If not for facebook I would probably go to my grave never knowing where and what all my homies were up to. I guess I could easily do that but it makes me smile to know that I didn't have to. Besides all the folks I found pics for here, There was also Barry LaFreniere and Kirsten Nelson without pics.