Saturday, September 22, 2007

September Already?

Yikes! What happened to summer? It seems all our camping trips came with a free sample of bad weather so I feel like I didn't even get a vacation. We still have a camping trip or two to take before we put the summer home into storage. Unfortunately we have spent another summer with out our little china girl and still await news to go get her. China has sent referrals to families with LIDS (log in dates) prior to Nov. 24th of 2005. Our LID, if I haven't already said it, is Jan. 4th of 2006. So it may be 2008 before we get to meet our Naomi. Meanwhile God has kept us busy with a new school year starting. Jo is a big fifth grader this year and we are very enthusiastic about the teacher she has this year. She seems to be very much a blessing. Brooke is still at Oakland University, presently taking a break from classes to focus on portfolio work in theater, and living in Auburn Hills. Mike has delved into his flag football league at church on Saturdays and I have taken on a new part time position at a Christian radio station, Smile fm. I am the "Administrative Coordinator". A big title for a modpodge of tasks. I am really enjoying this new path that God has led me to and look forward to advancing his kingdom however he chooses to use me. It is definitely a job that is "right up my alley" as everyone proclaims when I tell them about it. Again I have been blessed with getting paid for something I just love doing! I am incredibly impressed with my co-workers at the radio station, they are all so humble and amazing at the same time.
My Aunt Sue died unexpectantly this past Friday from an advanced case of strep throat. It seems so strange to think a woman who battled and won a fight against cancer twice would come undone from strep throat. She was a daughter of God and I know she is being joyfully rewarded by being in the company of our Savior. My heart aches for her grandbabies who will greatly miss her but at the same time dances for her as my head replays her laughter that I am sure she is echoing up in heaven. I was fortunate enough to have had a recent email with her reminicing of great times we had together. It is a joyful closure. The memories of trying on the dark green velvet dress I wore as the flower girl in her wedding and how the neat bun on my head was perfected with the addition of marigolds tucked into it are still vivid. Although I can't remember my debit card pin, God blesses me by retaining these cherished times. I pray that her daughters will be able to use this unfortunate loss to deepen their relationship with the Father.

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