Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Gotcha Day!

There are no words to describe today. I realized that I did have some pre-conceived ideas of how the delivery process of Naomi would go based on stories and videos. I had expectations of a doctor's waiting room and someone coming out and hollaring our names and then handing her to us so I was completely caught off guard when we walked into a big room with benches lined on the walls and a couple dozen or so people lingering around. A small group of 5 adults and 2 babies caught my attention. I recognized Naomi immediately and any doubts I had were diminished when the man holding her threw a big smile my way. It was really awkward because I didn't know what we were suppose to do. Our interpeter was chatting with someone near the door and it was obvious that these folks with Naomi didn't speak any English. Mike didn't even have the video camera going. He was like a deer in the headlights when he realized he was looking at her. I should of had the video camera on him!
But that has been the only awkward moment since we got her. From the first time she came into my arms she has been a love bug. It was only a short time after they handed her to me that we were whisked back to the hotel in a cab. She layed her head on my chest and I knew that my prayers for her heart to be readied for us had been answered. We have yet to hear her cry. She has smiled, gabbered and cuddled as if she has known us for the day she was born.


Alice said...
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Alice said...

I am so so so happy for you guys. Your post brought tears to my eyes. We were thinking about you today and bought Naomi a gift I think you will like. I can't wait to meet her. The "cashed out" picture is just adorable!!!

mike said...

i luv that picture mom i really wish we could be there with u nana & papa r really excited to meet her too. sometimes i wish time would literally fly by so u could just come down here already!! i luv the blog idea its an awsome idea! i gotta go because nana wants to see the picture of NAOMI! AND SHES BEING A PEST ABOUT IT HA HA HA i luv u & miss u

jo,nana,papa :)