Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shamian Christian Church, Guangzhou, China

Christian churches are now open to the public in China. 70% of the Christian churches have been built in recent years. I read somewhere that approx. 10% of the population of Guangzhou is Christian, a high number for any area in China. The city that Naomi was born and fostered in (Feng Cheng City) only had 1%. Even though Christianity is state governed, many Christians still suffer because of their faith. Christians must register with the government and have many restrictions, especially when it comes to sharing the gospel. Therefore, many choose to attend "house churches". The church on Shamian Island where the White Swan hotel is located was built more for the American guests. That was the Chinese government's plan, God's plan has this building overflowing into the "side room" with video feed with Chinese Christians. We were able to purchase a Chinese/English Bible from the bookstore on the grounds. The store is only open for 1 hour on Sunday and it was packed with people, many were walking out with stacks of bibles. One can only speculate and hope that they were going to share these with friends and family. This church also holds bible studies during the week as well as prayer sessions.

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pbfoster said...

Hi! I just came across your blog while looking for info on the church in Shamian Island. We adopted in late 2006 (Jiangxi) and I had wished we knew more about the church and when their service was before we went. Do you remember what time it started?

Last adoption we arrived late Saturday night so the first Sunday we were a bit jetlagged. The next Sunday our guide took us to Six Banyan Temple. :( We debated skipping out and trying to find the church or being polite to our guide and going on the trip with the group. On our upcoming adoption trip this spring, (special needs, Guangxi) we hope to find the church, especially since they have a bookstore. We would like to get a Chinese Bible for our new daughter while we're there.