Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brenda Hamp 12/23/48 - 9/26/08

Tightrope walker,
Peace maker,
Morale booster,
Salon receptionist.
These are just a few titles you could label Brenda Hamp with. During her eulogy she was immoralized with a repetative description of someone who gave with all her heart. Now everyone who knew her will have a piece of her heart with them. Her physical heart could not withstand the rare disease that took it over but Satan cannot take away the memories we have of this wonderful woman, nor can Satan say that he won in any respect because she is dancing with her Savior. The physical pain she had no longer exists. She is free to dance and laugh. I imagine her beautiful blue eyes are sparkling and her face is beaming with her welcoming smile. She is home. We will miss you Brenda! See ya soon.

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