Sunday, September 14, 2008

Step by Step

Naomi is still stumbling around furniture, standing up by herself and actually taking a step (without realizing it) but hasn't taken off full tilt yet. We recently learned that probably most of the formula she consumed while in China could have been tainted with a chemical called Melamine that can cause kidney, bladder and reproductive problems. Luckily she has not shown any of the symptoms but who knows what damage could have occurred that cannot be detected at this time. I trust that God will take care of this problem that man has created out of greed. The nitrogen in the Melamine was used to produce protein levels in testing of the milk that had been watered down at the dairy. The chemical was first detected in March but no recall was enacted until now. Who knows how long they were doing this prior to detecting it. It is such a sad affair.
On a better note, Jo-Jo is really blossoming in Middle School. She seems to like it real well. She is volunteering after school one day a week to help the art teacher. She doesn't even have art this year but stayed after school one day to organize her locker and in the process of waiting for me to pick her up met the teacher and you know the rest of the story.
This past week was a big rivalry game with Linden (that's us) and Fenton. Fenton got a little stinky and burned a big "F" in the middle of the football field the night before the game. This was fuel for the fire and Linden beat the pants off of Fenton. It was pretty shocking news to hear of Fenton doing something like that after they just got a brand new field with "golden" turf (or you'd think it was golden for the price they paid for it). A big "L" burned in their field would have been there for awhile!
Brooke came and played with Naomi for a couple of days this week and I was able to get so much stuff done around the house. It was a big AAAHHHHH!
Naomi got to go the the Smile FM Imlay City office with me while I worked the Fun Drive. She takes it all in stride. Jenn's twins still aren't sure what to make of her.
The girls and I pretty much holed up in the house most of the weekend because of all the rain (Hurricane Ike and more) except to venture over to our friends the Taylors for dessert on Saturday.
Mike helped with the Sports Ministry's Sportsman's Classic event on Saturday and got drenched. He discovered that his Cabela's "waterproof" jacket wasn't so waterproof when his pockets got filled up with water and made a casualty out of his phone.
Aside from the phone we only had one water issue. With all the rain we developed a leak in the kitchen window. We tried deflecting the water during the downpour but it was still getting in. We stacked up towels to catch it and will have to investigate on a drier day. We were concerned that the sump pump may burn up with as much as it was running. We noticed the neighbor across the street having a bucket brigade out of their front door onto the lawn and suspected that's what happened to them. So far we are doing o.k. and the rain has let up a bit so the pump can get a break.
I pray that all the families displaced from this hurricane will get relief soon. Sometimes it's not such a bad thing being stuck up here in Michigan. A few feet of snow doesn't seem so rotten when you look at the downside of living in the south.

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Tami said...

Sorry about your leak. Naomi is so sweet.