Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've got mail!

I have to confess, I am an internet addict. I didn't think I was, like anyone with an addiction. My computer took a vacation for a couple of days and it was driving me bonkers! Thank heaven for geeks, Ed and Clayton (Smile FM engineers) were able to remedy the situation fairly quickly so I didn't have to suffer too long. I have come to realize I really rely on the internet for a ton of information. On top of my internet obsession is the fact that I hate lagging behind in my email correspondence (very different from my lack of concern regarding voicemails). How odd is that? I am not fond at all of phone calls yet get edgy when I can't get to my emails...
Today Mike was presented with "Mutual Separation" papers from GM. Essentially what that means is that in the next 45 days if not enough salary personal take the early retirement option that is being offered at the present to bring their numbers down Mike may be offered another job (who knows where) within GM or be tapped on the shoulder for a quick exit. I have peace that it is in God's hands and if we need to move for Mike's job it is his plan. I have complete confidence that he will take care of us if we are obedient to his command to trust in Him. It is hard not to anticipate the what if's with my "planner" mentality but I'm sure He is working in me with this very test.

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His Hands His Feet Today said...

Su and Mike,
Praying for these "mutual seperation" papers! Hubby switched jobs right after #2 came home and I remember those days vividly!
Praying for God's will, provision and peace!