Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Less blaa, blaa, blaa and more cluck, cluck, cluck

I thought I'd share this letter we got at the radio station. Chicken farmers throughout Michigan will soon be listening to Smile FM!

It reads.

Dear Smile FM,

I intended to call in this pledge during the fundraiser but every time I
thought of it I was busy.
Now that you signal is improved (you said awhile ago) my husband who is
a welder at Morbart in Winn can no long get your station.
He really misses it (88.3 WEJC).
Also our chickens like the music. When the station goes off the air
occasionally they don't seem as content and don't lay eggs as when the
music is going.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

Love Pat L.
Blanchard, MI

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Jessica D. said...

I believe it true! There was a study... a young girl grew 2 plants. One she played rock music while it grew and the other christian. Guess which on grew the most? You guest it.