Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One step forward, Two steps back

Well, this week has been a comedy of errors so far. On Monday, I thought I'd get the dreaded trip to the Social Security out of the way so we could get Naomi on our health insurance. So I pack up, which anyone who has a toddler knows that is a pretty big task in itself. I had to dig up the key to the fire safe box to get our passports and our official paperwork from the government, Google the directions to the SS office, de-hair my black sweatshirt and remove the Naomi boogers from it...so about an hour later were finally in the car. I head to Flint. Of course the directions I googled don't take into consideration that Robert T. Longway is one way so I end up having to fumble my way around anyways. Once I get going in the right direction I pass the office because I am in the left lane and can't get over fast enough so I have to double back. When I finally get there the parking lot is eerily quiet. In fact, there isn't even one car in it. Hmmmmm, that's strange. So I call before I unload Naomi (smartest thing I've done all day) only to discover it's a Federal holiday and they are closed! Columbus Day! So back home we head.
That evening I send out the will call list for The Afters concert to the respective person after I have notified all the ticket winners only to find out that there has been a typo somewhere and the concert is the 24th NOT the 14th as I had told them all. So back to the drawing board with that one.
Today I had a client coming for a cut & color. I spent an hour and a half just picking up the house before she got here because it was so trashed. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to do her hair then I had to spend another hour cleaning up the house because Naomi has unloaded every cupboard, the dryer sheets out of the box, the kleenex out of the box, all the products out of my roller cart, need I say more. I forgot to take my Super Mom pill today so I decided to load her into the car to get her to take her nap. I drove around for about 2 hours and I think I only got a half hour nap out of her. She's had a cold so I figured she need some good sleep but that didn't happen. I spent a whole lot of time doing a whole lotta nothin' today. Oh well, there's aways tomorrow.


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Why did you have to go to the SS office to get her on your insurance??? We've adopted 9 times and have never had to have a ss# to add a child to our insurance (international and domestic)....
Just wondering if you are being made to do something you don't need to stress about (yet!) LOL!

Tami said...

I pretty much can't stand those days!!!!!
Hope the rest of the week gets better. :)

su-a-bom said...

GM requires it for the insurance and to get our "rebate" or whatever they call it. For $5000 I think it'll be worth the hassle.

The Scotts said...

aww bummer hope tom. is better!