Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Test is now my Testimony

Praise God! My CT Scan came back showing absolutely nothing in the "area of concern"! Not that I am surprised by that because I already had peace that God was going to heal me. I just think it's awesome to actually have physical proof in a cd full of MRI images that showed something in the "area of concern" and now I have a CT report that says "I got your back (literally)" from God. Many thanks to my prayer warriors out there. God has heard you Loud & Clear! But I do know that my testimony is not for me. I already know the healing powers we can obtain through Jesus Christ. This is for those out there who need "proof", for the non-believing believers. Those who worship God but are not convinced of the healing powers of prayer. This is for them. God has used me as a vessel to show off which is All Good with me.
Just to humor me, God added some fun in the trip to get the scan. The night before I went to a baby shower and won a prize from playing "baby bingo". It was a set of lotion, wash and linen spray from Bath and Body Works in a fragrance of Magnolia Blossom. I remember commenting on how I wasn't sure what Magnolia smelled like. On the way home from the shower God spoke to me and told me that this prize wasn't for me. That I was to let this blessing pass through me and give it to Lorraine who had taken me under her wing at the clinic and made sure I got my authorizations for my tests (not an easy task, I might add). So in obedience, the next day I presented Lorraine with the goodies. She was so delighted and thanked me several times, then she looked at the fragrance and got a puzzled look on her face and said, "how did you know that Magnolia's are my favorite flower?". I responded with,"I didn't, God did". She was a bit baffled but thanked me at least a half dozen more times. Then said, "You didn't have to do that!" and I said, "Oh, yes I did!"
I truly believe that my obedience was rewarded when I got a phone call that afternoon, rather than the following week, telling me my scan results. I already knew what they would be but didn't have to wait over the weekend to get them.
I shared my testimony at church today and I hope that who ever needed to hear it was there. God does hear our prayers, And God does answer them!


Wee Ones Mommy said...

Praise God! Rach called me with the results last Friday....but I am still going to Praise God here too! :) Tami

Jessica D. said...

I love how God works! Be blessed!