Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Up

Oh my, how did months pass by without a post? Time to get back into the groove and get updated. So where do I start? I think I left off about Easter since then we have had Brooke's graduation from Oakland University, many a bike ride, a bird building a nest in our grill (several times), visited many garage sales, attended many Smile FM events and unfortunately attended one memorial service in honor of my Grandma, sans the family portrait above that was graciously taken by my cousin Kenny Dodd.
In addition mom recently had a heart cath and stint proceedure done and my long time friend, Terri Post came to visit.
Mike is on layoff from GM until July 13th but we were relieved to hear that his plant, Truck & Bus was not one of the plants that Government Motors will be closing.
We contemplated taking a trip out west with Mike's parents but after praying and investigating we opted not to take the chance of blowing up the truck trying to pull the trailer through the mountains. The truck is getting up there in miles/years and our trailer has it maxxed out as it is. Since we aren't in a position to be buying a new vehicle anytime soon we thought it probably wouldn't be a wise decision. We have always wanted to take a camping trip out west but it will have to wait. We may meander our way down south a bit to pick up Jo after her visit to Nana & Papa in Alabama since we have never seen their place. We haven't decided if we are going to try to camp it or just get hotels.
Mike has also been keeping busy, helping our friend, Chris Dickerson with his masonery business. I'm hoping he will learn the trade enough to do some projects for me this winter, hee-hee!
Naomi finally had a growth spurt and is wearing 18 & 24 month sizes. She's getting quite a vocabulary. She knows all the Sesame Street characters, Elmo is her fav. She knows most of her body parts, says Thank you to about everything - especially when she wants something, she will say tank-q, tank-q until she gets it and if she doesn't get it the meltdown begins. I believe she is warming up to the "terrible twos". She loves to go outside or "side" as she says. We have to sneak if you want to just run out to the mailbox because she will stand inside the door pleading, "sigh -d, sigh-d, sigh-d". I could pretty much limit my grocery shopping to cheese, apple juice, hotdogs & pineapple and she would be a happy girl. Cheese is a word we don't say out loud when she's around or we end up in a battle over it.
We just shucked out $470 for Chloe maintainence. It was $265 for her normal rabies/heartworm appointment and then the vet discovered an abcess tooth that required antibotics and a cleaning that they have to put her under for so $205 later...good thing I like her!
Jo is anxious for school to get over next week, on the 10th. We have decided to try homeschooling her next year. She has pleaded for this for 3 years and after giving it prayerful consideration Mike and I are at peace with this and will move forward to provide her with the best education we can. She is so thrilled that her cousin Natalie (Hogle), in GA., has a cell phone now and spends a ton of time texting to her. The Hogle family will be in Michigan the end of next week and Jo will be able to spend some time with them. They are spending a week with Nana & Papa at a condo in Gaylord. We will be up there too for the Big Ticket Festival. After that Jo will be leaving with Nana & Papa to wherever it is that they are headed.
So now I think I have this somewhat updated and will do my best to stay on top of it now. I'm sure I forgot a ton of snipets but I can always throw them on here randomly and confuse the heck out of everyone, right?

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