Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. I feel loved! I had quite a few people ask, "what did you do for your birthday?". Well, let's see...I changed poopy diapers, cleaned up cat vomit on the carpet, laundry...the usual mom, wife, pet owner stuff. Pretty uneventful until I got to thinking, which is always scary. I remember a birthday five years ago. A birthday when I was uncertain as to whether God could hear my prayers or my families prayers, friends prayers, co-workers prayers. Five years ago when in 3 days (Mike's birthday too) I would be heading to the hospital to get hooked up to an IV and have toxic stuff trickled into my body to get rid of the toxic stuff in it. Go figure??? I couldn't help but wonder if he could hear us, answer us, fix me. In my heart I knew He could and despite satan's attempts to crush my spirit, God kept me strong and gave me signs to let me know that he wasn't done with me yet. Although I would never wish cancer on anyone, I wish everyone could experience the tingle of prayers being answered and knowing that God is in charge. People asked, "how can you have such a good attitude?" while I was going through treatment. How could I not? When you're getting loved on by you're Daddy Ol' Mighty. I knew I was safe and that his plan is always better than mine or anyone elses. There was a test score on one of my medical reports. My score was a 9 out of 9. I looked up what this test was for and it was to determine the estimated success of treatment. 9 out of 9 was the worst score you could get. But satan didn't estimate the power of prayer and so here I am 5 years later.
Happy Birthday to Me!

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Jessica D. said...

Happy Birthday Sue!

That picture of JoJ0 on the left! Wow, she's getting so big. She beauitful!