Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome November

What a week! My birthday, then Mike's, the Light the Night event and more. I wacked out my back so I'm hobbling around. We went to Journeys coffeehouse in Midland to see Michael Maher play on Mike's birthday. The Maher clan sang a great rendition of Happy Birthday to him. They are much better singers than they are cake deliver-ers. I had them take the cake with them so it could be a covert operation and surprise the birthday boy but I'm not sure what happened after that. Let's just say that it still tasted good. Friday was crazy with the Light the Night deal. I was the Linden team leader and responsible for keeping things running smoothly. I spent most of the night cruising between the 3 homes because two of the 3 were getting blasted with visitors. Which of course is a good thing. Mike took our little ladybug to one of the homes and stayed there. Jo-Jo was doing the "hippy" thing and hanging with her friends. The daylight savings time threw our schedule for a loop on Sunday. We planned on going to a birthday party but Naomi decided it was time to take a nap so we missed out on that one. I'll be making a drive to Grand Rapids this evening to work the David Crowder Band concert. I'll be spending my drive with Jesus discussing the candidates and praying for wisdom for myself and all of America's voters. Tuesday will be a big day...for the world.

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